Why Human Brains Are Not Designed To Restore Memories

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Why Human Brains Are Not Designed To Restore Memories

If you think that your brain can restore as much memory as you can stuff, you might be playing the betrayal game with the mind. When it comes to memory, our brains are no better than a specific USB storage device. Although, everybody has various capacities to store information.

This modern word continuously bombards an immense source of information every single second. Your every blink of eye scatters information. When we think that we have learnt or stored information on our brain, the information becomes blurred and vague. We use our brain forcefully to remember things and keep fulfilling it with lots of information. (Also Read : Important Tips To Increase Your Memory Power)

The past used to prioritise human brains as a survival guide:
Let us go back to the ancient time when the source of information was small and very different. The prehistoric scenario was much difficult as the main motto was life was ‘Survival’ that time. The brains used to get threats of living. Hence, in a nutshell, the rising of memorization in ‘prehistoric-you’ was not our previous goal. But we gradually did it by seeing the need for digging information. We forced our mind.

Civilisation seeks more to remember:
We are standing on the edge of technology today. Civilisation is present on every small particle we see today. Here, The memorization of information seems useful now which was not even existed in the previous era. We have built our brain like this. Gradually, people start communicating with others and learn how to act based on the experiences of others, without dealing with the mistakes and risks first-hand.
In this modern world, we have various of information source like books, TV, radio, game consoles, mobile phones, and of course the Internet etc. These all are like an explosion of information. Just imagine how our brain is taking them regularly. (Also Read: Six proven ways to improve memory)

How to use free some space from your brain:
Although, information is now just a click or touches away. it does not mean we become too dependent on it. Instead of information domination us, we should know the limitations of using technology and information. Let’s just have a look how we can free some space from our brain:

Make a Pocket Brain:
Instead of bombarding with information in our brain, we should know that what should be taken what should be thrown. We have the computers or some devices like this are meant to be like this. But humans not. So, make your brain pocket-friendly. Compact and limited store based device.

Learning should be Meaningful:
The way you will make your brain pocket-friendly, the same way you should extract the most of the memory achieve meaningful learning. You should make the information relevant enough to achieve the desired outcome. Always target the right and relevant information rather than grasping explosion. (Also Read: How depression can make you lose your memory)

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