Why do celebrities get into controversy to seek attention

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Why do people get into controversy to seek attention

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Everyone needs some spice in life. When it comes to celebrities, this is one of the best mantras to stay in limelight. People have found an easy platform to gain fame and name in the Industry. Bigg Boss season 11, has just kicked off and it’s in the news for its unending controversies. Besides this, Kangana Ranaut, the queen of Bollywood remains in the news for her personal life. Let’s discuss in detail about what makes people so vulnerable that they adopt unfair means to come into the light. (Also read: How To Stay Away From The Inferiority Complex)

Swami Om

Why do people get into controversy to seek attention
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If we talk about the contestants of the Bigg Boss 11, the list of controversial contestants is unending. Last year Swami Om has got major attention for his unrealistic behaviour. He even did disgusting things like peeing right in the kitchen area in a pot to catch the attention and make it worse for fellow housemates. This definitely suggests some mental illness in Swami Om who cannot control his actions while he is in public. The race of coming in limelight has made him a victim of such miserable actions.

Kangana Ranaut

Why do people get into controversy to seek attention
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Kangana Ranaut bringing her personal relationships on National television and making such statements that might go against her. Her relationship with Hrithik Roshan has been the biggest curiosity in the industry these days. What makes her showcase her personal life in front of millions of audience? Is it just a publicity stunt or she is actually a victim of betrayal? It suggests the unstable mental state of a person, who needs a mass to stand for her. (Also read: What is body shaming and how does it affect you mentally)

Poonam Pandey

Why do people get into controversy to seek attention
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The story does not end here, shedding of clothes on social media has also become the TRP stunt. Poonam Pandey, Esha Gupta, Sherlyn Chopra and much more have been on the top list for bringing nudity to the industry. This clearly suggests that these people lack skills and have only this option left to seek attention from the audience. No matter if people troll or hate their action, they eventually got attention and their purpose has been solved. And then, asking for privacy remains out of question!

Shilpa Shinde

Why do people get into controversy to seek attention
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With the start of Bigg Boss season 11, we have come across people like Zubair Khan, Arshi Khan, Akash Dadlani and much more who just fight for no reason and catch our eyes. Shilpa Shinde, another contestant is bringing her professional issues with Vikas Gupta and talking all shit on the show. The quench of gaining fame make the celebrities so much degraded that they use abusive language, vulgar comments, cheap thinking etc. It’s good to add spice to the show but crossing limits won’t be entertained for a longer time.

Arshi Khan

Why do people get into controversy to seek attention
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It’s high time people should realise that yes, audience like the ‘MASALA’ but too much of it will only ruin the fun. Think about your image, your character and the family you belong too! Self-analyse your actions and check if you will entertain this disgust live on air? This is so annoying to see the basis of entertainment has turned to controversy majorly. The thirst of attention is a mental disorder, where a person can do anything and everything for catching the eyes. Well, we are sure none of you suffers this mental disorder! (Also read: How childhood trauma can effect the mental health of an adult)

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