Why do people consume alcohol even when they know it’s bad

Why do people consume alcohol even when they know it's bad

All our habits and actions speak louder about our mental health. There are many factors that affect us mentally and they ultimately lead to adopting some things that are not good for us. Self-control is too difficult, thus often we see many people being gripped by bad habits. Alcohol and smoking are some of the bad habits that people usually indulge into. Considering the fact, that intoxication is one of the bad habits and it could lead to addiction as well, people consume it religiously. There are many reasons why do people consume alcohol even when they know it’s not good for health. (Also read: World Mental Health Day 2017: Celebrities who have been a victim of depression and admitted it)

Here are some of the reasons why do people consume alcohol:

Fun and leisure: Drinking is fun for some people. Over the period of time, it has become an easy way to have fun and a good time. They enjoy losing themselves with friends and acquaintances. It even provides a break from the monotonous routine and mental pressure. Most of the youngsters usually spend their weekends, partying and consuming alcohol.

Stress: Drinking alcohol, helps some people to get out of stress. It works as a stress buster for them. They find alcohol as an easy way to escape from the reality and tensions. People find mental peace when they consume alcohol. And this habit makes them addicted to alcohol because they find it an easy way out. They think alcohol can solve their problem without affecting them mentally. (Also read: What are the signs of sex addiction)

Peer pressure: Peer pressure is something that affects our entire existence. Some people think consuming alcohol if others are doing so, is a good thing. Sometimes, the pressure for their friend circle is so intense that they don’t have a choice. When a friend encourages you to indulge in bad practice, it becomes difficult to let go of that request. Besides this, it is an easy way to make a place for oneself in a group of friends, where you are left out like always.

Curious nature: Being curious about what actually alcohol is, often leads to people under addiction. Just because they have seen consuming alcohol and having fun, many people fall into the trap. They just want to taste it, as they want to know about it. But they never realise that they have become addicted to the same in no time.

It’s accessible and preferred: Alcohol is easily available. Some people are too habitual of drinking alcohol, that they can drink it as their morning bedtime drink till late night. It is available all over and an easy option to forget the pain and tension. It is a kind of resolute for some.

Thus, we suggest, an excess of everything is bad. Drinking in moderation is okay. But don’t overdrink as it affects your life. (Also read: How do loneliness and isolation affect the mental health of a person)

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