What lessons you learn from your enemies

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What lessons you learn from your enemies

Important lessons you learn from your enemies

In life, we meet all kinds of people, some of them are kind to you, while others are not. Every person in your life cannot be your friend. Those people who get your ideas turn into your friends, but those people whose thoughts are contrary to your thoughts cannot be your friend. However, sometimes you end up being completely in a clash with someone and you end up being enemies. Having a nemesis or an enemy is not unnatural but it can be fiercely competitive and sometimes it even destroyed your mental peace. However, there are certain things you should learn from your enemy. (Also read: Love your enemies: Why you should like your enemies)

Lessons you learn from your enemies

  • You learn the value of friends
  • Don’t make mistakes due to it
  • You learn new things
  • Keeps you positive
  • Learn to control your anger

You learn the value of friends

Important lessons you learn from your enemies
Enemies: you recognize your friends due to your enemies

When you have your enemy only then you understand the importance of having friends in your life. It is important to appreciate the friends you have who are there for you against all the odds. (Also read: How to Surround Yourself With Good Friends)

Don’t make mistakes due to it
When you have an enemy you learn to avoid any kind of mistakes. You know that he/she might be watching out for your flaws to use them against you. Your enemy, in fact, helps you to be more vigilant. (Also read: What are the signs that negative people have too much control )

You learn new things

Bess lessons you learn from your enemies
Enemies: You learn new things due to your foes

There are many things that you don’t really know but you nemesis is well versed in them. This inspires you to learn them and to upgrade your game. (Also read: How to project positive energy all the time)

Keeps you positive
Your enemy wants you to feel negative about your life. Thus, you have to learn how to turn that negativity around and make it positive. Basically, you learn to be positive all the time.  (Also read: Which foods help you to curb anger)

Learn to control your anger
Enemies try to harm you and many times you also get angry at them. But instead of giving a chance to make them happy by reacting to everything, you can ignore things. This thing teaches you to control your anger.

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So, your foes are equally important to help you few things. You can read this article in Hindi as well.

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