What is the right way to take a power nap

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What is the right way to take a power nap

Every day the body is constantly working. Everyone is busy in doing one thing or the other all the time. This constant hassle leaves the body exhausted and tired. In times like this power nap is the best possible solution. Power naps basically mean naps for short duration of time. Just for 15 to 20 minutes. In this little time period, the body is able to relax and reenergize in the best possible manner. ‘Melatonin’ is a kind of hormone that is responsible for managing the power nap. Power naps are a wonderful way to increase your productivity and maintain stress-free work life. Before opting for a power nap, you must know how to take the power nap in the right way and manner. (Also read: What is flat affect and how it can be treated)

Find a comfortable place
For a peaceful power nap, comfort is a must. Find a place that is away from noise and disturbance. It can be an empty office room, couch or in some offices, there are special nap rooms designed for this purpose. Use a comfortable setting so that you can nap in peace.

Turn off your phone
Your phone must remain when you are trying to take a power nap. The phone is a constant distraction as it takes away the time for the nap. Keep it on silent or turn it off, so that you can nap peacefully and comfortably.(Also read: What are the Facts and myths about left-handed people)

Turn off the light
It is important to turn off the lights when you are trying to take a power nap. If that is not a possibility, then you can use a sleeping mask.

Set an alarm
The main objective of a power nap is to get the best of sleep in a limited time period. If you overstretch your nap time, then it can actually leave you with a sleepy and tired mood. This is why you must maintain an alarm to limit the time to 15 to 20 minutes. (Also read: 5 things you must know about introverts)

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