What is schizophrenia and know about its signs

What is schizophrenia and its signs

Schizophrenia is a type of mental illness. It is a very serious mental disorder. It completely destroys the way a person thinks, it impacts on the actions of a person. This mental disorder takes away the sense of reality from the person. The victim of this illness can feel completely detached from their real life. This has a very negative impact on their day to day activities. People who suffer from this problem have a hard functioning in the society. It affects their work, relationships, and their personal life. The behaviour of the person suffering from schizophrenia can be very shocking and disturbing. It is almost impossible to find a cure for this problem, the only possible thing that can be done is proper management of the problem. [Also Read: What are the different types of mental illness one may suffer from?]

Signs that you have schizophrenia

Hallucination means seeing, hearing or thinking of things that are not physically present. Schizophrenic patients suffer from this a lot. They keep noticing things that are not visible to anyone. Many times they hear voices in their minds. These voices can be very disturbing and may promote self-harm.

People who suffer from schizophrenia often hold ideas and thoughts that are not true. They feel threatened and paranoid about the things that are not there. This completely destroys their mental stability. They keep thinking of negative things that can happen.

Troubled concentration and speech problems
The victims of this problem have a very difficult time in focusing on one thing. Their mind keeps wandering to different things. They also have trouble in expressing themselves. Due to lack of sense of reality, they often scream and say things that make no sense. [Also Read: Mental illnesses which affect children]

Strange behaviour
The victims of this illness can not maintain a normal behaviour. They often think of negative emotions which reflect on their activities. They often scream and yell for no reason. Sometimes this behaviour harms other. The victims can turn violent as well.

Being paranoid
This is the most common sign of schizophrenia. Usually, the victim starts feeling afraid of normal things. For him or her even small day to day activities like going for a walk, or cooking becomes difficult. The person starts thinking of the worst possible outcomes of the activities. All this destroys their mental peace. [Also read: How to increase for mental focus for better mental health ]

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