What is Narcissistic personality disorder

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What is Narcissistic personality disorder

Narcissistic personality disorder is a kind of mental illness or mental disorder that needs our immediate attention. In this disorder, the victims start believing in his or her larger than life mental image. They develop a sense of exaggerated self-importance. They have a constant need for admiration and love. These people tie their self-esteem to the social validation. Even though they might appear very confident and secure, however, even with slightest criticism they lose their confidence. They have a big problem stepping out of their comfort zone, making friends and forming an emotional attachment. Moreover, the focus of their identity functions outside their self-confidence. They always seek compliments and praises from others. Therefore, it is hard for them to open up emotionally and discuss their problem. (Also read: What are the signs of an emotionally immature adult)

Signs that you have the Narcissistic personality disorder

  • An inflated sense of self-esteem.
  • Not making efforts to gain anything, but expecting it.
  • Baseless assumption that the world is constantly talking about you.
  • Flattering yourself constantly about the achievement and honours.
  • High expectations from the people around you.
  • Spending most of the time thinking or dreaming about a better lifestyle, but not making any effort.
  • Acting in a pretentious and boastful manner.
  • Not respecting others’ ideas and opinions.
  • Constantly dominating others.
  • Not showing the spirit of compassion or lending a helping hand.
  • A sense of entitlement without any thing to support it. (Also read: What are hypersexual disorder and its symptoms)

Causes of narcissistic personality disorder

It might sound surprising but genetic behaviour has a huge impact on the nature of the person. If the family has a history of this problem then it is most likely that the off spring will be affected by it too. However, it is not always the case but it certainly increases the chances.

Parenting and upbringing
Children who are raised in a way where they have just received excessive praises. They are more inclined towards narcissistic behaviour. However, in some cases, if the child is more prone to face criticism, then he or she constantly try to hide their insecurities. (Also read: What are the signs of social anxiety)

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