What is hypersexual disorder and its symptoms

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What is hypersexual disorder and its symptoms

Whenever a person gets too dependent on any substance it is called addiction. Usually, we associate the word addiction with substance abuse, like drug addiction, chain smoking or alcoholism. However, some people have an unhealthy addiction with sexual activity or intercourse. This condition is known as hypersexual disorder. For people suffering from this disorder, the physical relationship provides a feeling of euphoria. However, this feeling is just a temporary thrill as it makes the person feel hollow about his emotional side. This disorder appears due to chemical and hormonal changes in a person. To understand this disorder it is important to learn about its causes and symptoms. [Also read: How To Say NO If You Are Shy And Introvert In Nature]

Causes of hypersexual disorder

Biochemical changes
This disorder is mainly due to biochemical changes in the body. In the neurotransmitter section of the person’s brain, there is an imbalance of hormones like Dopamine, serotonin and norepinephrine. Due to excess of these hormones, the person starts focusing only on sexual thoughts.

Medical condition
Sometimes some medical conditions or their treatments leave a huge impact on brain’s functioning. This can lead to hypersexual disorder. [Also read: What are the signs of an emotionally immature adult]

Hormonal changes
Both man and woman have hormones to induce sexual thoughts. In man the hormone is testosterone and in a woman, it estrogen. However, excess production of these hormones can make a person’s focus shift to only to coitus related thoughts as a consequence.

Childhood abuse
Many times people who have suffered mental or physical abuse as child suffer its negative consequences in future as well. As adults, they have a hard time with their sexual desires.

Signs of hypersexual disorder:

Excessive masturbation
This the earliest signs of this disorder. The person finds himself engaged in the process of masturbation every now and them.

Thought process is centred around sexual thoughts
The people suffering from this disorder only think of sexual thought, or as to how to get involved in his or her next physical activity.

Frequent consumption of sexual content
People with this disorder often surrounded themselves with explicit content. Consequently, they become dependent on pornography and content of sexual nature.

Maintaining relationship with multiple partners
In the first place, the victims of this problem fail to maintain a monogamous relationship. Consequently, they constantly seek out a different partner to fulfil their cravings. However, this ends up destroying their relationships. [Also read: How Can You Heal Yourself From Old Wounds]

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