What is flat affect and how it can be treated

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What is flat affect and how it can be treated

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Humans are known for their ability to express themselves by multiple emotions. However, there is a mental condition in which the person fails to express himself or herself in the usual way. This condition is known as “flat affect’. This is not a mental disorder but an unusual mental condition. The best way to understand it is using an example. When people feel happy, it is visible on their faces. However, the person who is dealing with this mental condition finds it hard to express the same feeling. There is almost no expression on his or her face. The person dealing with flat affect syndrome feels all the emotions but are not able to express them in a normal manner. This condition affects their emotional well being and personal relationship. (Also read: Is saying okay all the time good for your mental health)

What are the signs of the flat affect?

  • Expressionless face
  • Being able to express emotions verbally or nonverbally
  • Constant gloomy look on the face
  • Lack of compassion in the tone of talking
  • Trying to avoid the eye contact with the other person
  • No change in the face despite having emotional turmoil (Also read: What are the subtle signs of emotional abuse)

What are the causes of flat affect?
The flat effect can occur due to mental activity. Especially in those areas of the brain that are responsible for stimulation. People with flat affect fail to connect with the parts of the brain that are responsible for emotional adaptation and stimulation. People with this condition find it hard to convert their emotions into physical activities.

How to deal with flat affect?
There are two ways to deal with the flat affect. One is to use meditation and therapy, or a combination of both. The other method is to find other ways to communicate the emotional need by using other ways. At the same time, the person can try to use simple facial exercises to express the emotions in a better manner. (Also read: What are the habits that make you a boring person)

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