What is bulimia and know about its signs

What is bulimia and know about its signs

Mental health issues are of many kinds. One of them is bulimia. Bulimia is an eating disorder that is based on mental illness. It means an unhealthy way of eating. The person suffering from this mental illness has an urge of overeating and then using ways to puke it. It is a common disorder but it mostly affects women. This disorder is curable if you recognize the signs and symptoms of it. (Also read: What are the early signs of dementia)

Initially, bulimia was treated as a part of anorexia. However, it is different as it means overeating in a short span of time. It causes mental and physical troubles for the person. The victim tries to purge or puke out the food as soon as possible. This mental illness damages the health of the person, both physical and mental. Bulimics can be of completely normal weight or even overweight, which is why it is hard to observe this mental illness.  (Also read: What is schizophrenia and know about its signs)

Causes of bulimia
There is no sure cause of this illness. However, the society’s obsession with skinny body is a major drive for it. Most people who are the victims of this problems try to get rid of the food that they consume to get into the ideal body type. Sometimes biological factors play an important role in bulimia as well. People with this disorder have a lower level of tryptophan. Tryptophan controls the level of serotonin.

Due to the low level of serotonin the appetite and mood of the person changes. People suffering from this disorder feel ashamed of their body and weight. This insecurity constantly makes feel worthless, leading to the urge to binge eating and then puking it out.

What are the signs and symptoms of Bulimia?

  • The victim often has an extreme desire to eat.
  • There is a computation of large quantity of food, but there is a sense of shame right after it.
  • Frequent urge to throw up the food
  • Trying to use unnatural way to puke the food
  • Dental and throat related problems
  • Swollen neck glands
  • Bad breath and bloodshot eyes
  • Stomach ache and abdomen pain. (Also read: What are sleepwalking disorder and its treatment)
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