What is body shaming and how does it affect you mentally

What is body shaming and how does it affect you mentally

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Body shaming is something which is gaining a lot of attention these days. With a lot of new celebrities hitting the B-town, many trollers have slammed them for being inappropriate in their body shape. In a free country like India, where every second celeb is targetted for being either too fat or too thin to please the eyes of the audience. There is a famous quote, that says, ‘Haters gonna hate’. It implies that no matter how well you look, your haters will always find a fault in you. This is basically the mentality of trollers. People do not realise the pain of the person being body shammed at. It leaves a person in a traumatising state as you are questioning the physical appearance of that person. (Also read: What are the reasons behind crying)

What is body shaming and how does it affect you mentally
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Why being overweight or underweight an issue with a certain lot of people? Attaining a perfect body should be an individual’s choice. Body shamming affect the person in a very strong way. It makes a person fall into the ocean of deep sorrow. It snatches away the confidence of a person and makes them mentally weak. Sometimes the hateful comments affect a person in such a way that they fall into depression. It takes a lot of courage to stand in public and face the audience. Being trolled over and over again for the type of clothes or for showcasing their body disturbs them mentally. Questioning someone’s physical state is not at all acceptable. A person has his own body, why should he/she be answerable to someone else for being overweight. Every person is fighting an individual battle in life, poking someone for something so menial is too cruel.

What is body shaming and how does it affect you mentally
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Besides this, the shape of your body does not affect your real self or your worth. You might be overweight but still a very confident person. Trollers will give an unwelcomed advice for their own satisfaction and will look down upon her. (Also read: What are the subtle signs of emotional abuse)

What is body shaming and how does it affect you mentally
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Offlate, many Bollywood divas are being body shamed and they stood right against it. Right from Priyanka Chopra’s attire when she met Prime Minister Narendra Modi, in Berlin to Esha Gupta who posted a glimpse of her recent photo shoot on her Instagram page, every celebrity is being targetted to be trolled. The list of celebrities who are being body shamed is unending. Deepika Padukone, Tapasee Pannu, Huma Qureshi, Mithali Raj and many more faced the same issue. But they stood against it and came back with a fitting reply to the haters. The recent weight loss of Parineeti Chopra is a slam on the face of the haters who called her chubby to be in the industry.

What is body shaming and how does it affect you mentally
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Even Abhishek Bachchan stood for his wife Aishwarya Rai when she was trolled for gaining maternity weight. It is appreciable to take a stand not only for yourself but also for others who are being trolled for such a spineless issue. In a democratic country like India, everyone should be free to celebrate their body as it is. Until your body is harming you, do not bother what the haters say. Ignorance is bliss! As long as you are healthy and free from any kind of disease, your body is your pride. So, save its honour and do not get dishearten to what people say!

We should make a note that our body is not something that defines us, but our mind. The list of suggestion that people flood us with to attain a perfect bikini body or a hot figure has nothing to do with them. Every individual body is a bikini body, no matter how much bulges you have. As long as you are happy, it should not make a difference to anyone. (Also read: What is mindful ageing and how you can achieve it)

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