What does your favourite colour reveal about your personality

What does your favourite colour reveal about your personality

We spend all our time and lives being surrounded by colour. We can’t even imagine a colourless world as it will be a horrible state to live in. All colours are beautiful but sometimes we like one colour more than others. This colour really attracts us and we prefer having clothes in that colour, that colour dominates our bedroom decor or walls etc. Not many of us think that the colour we pick has an impact on personality. Everyone has unique traits in their personalities and your favourite colour can help to tell you that. Let’s find about that. (Also read: Compliments or Criticism: Which one is better for you)


The colour blue is really peaceful and calm colour. People who like blue the most exhibit this trait in the best way. They are calm and serene just like the gentle tone of blue.


What does your favourite colour reveal about your personality
Red is a very fiery and passionate colour. It shows boldness and power. People who like the red colour are full of confidence and power. They are ambitious and driven. Another trait they have is they always attract attention.

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The colour is known for its perfection. It is peaceful but strong in appearance. Similarly, people who like it prefer being perfect in every aspect of life. They also like to maintain neatness around them.


What does your favourite colour reveal about your personality
The black colour is full of mystery and strength. It is a timeless colour that can make a style statement at any time and anywhere. Same is the case with people who like the black colour. They are emotionally strong and ambitious with an aura of mystery around them.


The pink colour is very bubbly and playful. It is mostly considered a feminine colour but in fact, it is a universally loved colour. People who like the pink colour have the child in them alive. They are social and jolly kind as well.


Yellow is the most cheerful colour out there. So people who like the yellow colour are lively and full of happiness.

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