What are things you should never do in front of your children

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What are things you should never do in front of your children

Everything you see and experience as a child has an impact on your mental health as an adult. However, parents often forget about this and do many things that are bad for your child’s mental health. Such ignorance has a deep and negative impact on your child’s mental health. It leads to the development of emotions like fear, anger etc. To ensure a healthy mental development of your child you need to avoid doing certain things. (Also read: Learn from Virat Kohli on how to convert your anger and aggression into success)

Yelling and scaring the child
When you resort to yelling and scaring the child to stop him or her from doing anything wrong, you are sending out a wrong message. This cultivates a wrong image in a child’s mind. Therefore it is important that you deal with your child with love and tenderness. Teach him or her about the rights and wrongs but in a subtle way.

Kids always idolise their parents. So, any action of their parents leaves a permanent print on their mind. When you lie to your kids then you are in a way promoting the act of lying. It makes your kids believe that lying is okay and they start copying it in their life. (Also read: What are the signs that you are dealing with an evil person)

Ignoring their wrong deeds
It is important to confront the misactions of your child. This way the child understands the value of consequences. When you let go of a misdeed the child start believing that there is no need to watch your actions.

Not paying attention
For a healthy development of your child, it is important that you must pay attention. Every child is curious in nature while growing up. So, it is important to pay attention to your child while he or she is growing up.

Being verbally abusive
It is important to use good and kind words while you are talking to your child. When you are verbally abusive, it creates a negative emotion of fear in the mind of your child.  (Also read: Effective ways to tame your anger)

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