What are the ways to discipline your child in a positive way

What are the ways to discipline your child in a positive way

Watching a child grow is a beautiful experience. It is all about watching a little child groom into a respectful person. However, that journey is incomplete without discipline and values. When you teach the value of discipline to your child at a young age, then you teach them the value of being a better person. Disciplined kids stay focused and have a better way of learning things in life. However, it is important to remember that when you are teaching discipline to your child, you have to look for ways to the child in a creative and wonderful way. (Also read: Why do baby cry right after the birth)

Have realistic expectations
Your child is without a doubt, the centre of your universe. Everything you do, you do it for your child only. As a result, many parents have really high expectations for their child. They often forget that their child needs time to mould into the life of discipline. So, firstly, one should lower down the expectation and have a more realistic approach.

Set the rule with respect and child’s consent
It is really important that you don’t turn your parenting method just about dictatorship way. So, when you are setting up the rules and regulations, make sure that you involve your child in it. So, that your child feels that he or she is a part of the process and understand the value of discipline.

The takeaway
This method is a really old trick that parents use to discipline a child. Every child has a special thing that he or she is attached too. When you decide to tell the child that you will take it away if he or she doesn’t behave well, then you build the path of discipline. The child now knows that he is responsible for his actions and as result there is a change in behaviour. (Also read: How to prepare your baby to move from breastfeeding to bottle feeding)

Calming and reflecting space
Give your child some time to reflect and absorb his or her action’s results. This will develop a better version of inner discipline in the child. What you need to do is pick a space for your child that can be used as the thinking spot or calm point.

Don’t take decision in anger
Sometimes we take many decisions that are wrong and we feel guilty later. Especially, when it comes to the kids. So, when you feel that your child is acting out in an undisciplined manner don’t let your anger do the talking. Talk to your child and discuss the issue accordingly. (Also read: Which diaper is best for your baby cloth diaper or disposable diaper)

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