What are the ways to boost the self esteem in children

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What are the ways to boost the self esteem in children

A boost to the self-esteem of a child is very important. Children usually lose track if they are not guided properly. Having a high self-esteem is not a bad idea until you are not moving in a wrong direction. A good self-esteem helps a child to stay happy and boost the morale of the child. Unacknowledged efforts of the child and leaving them alone during the time when they need guidance and support is the biggest mistake done by the parents. Boosting the self-esteem of a child is the most crucial step for the mental development of the child. A child goes through a lot of emotional turmoil and needs support from the parents to reach stability and become successful. (Also read: What Are The Words You Should Never Say To Children)

Here is how parents can help their child in order to gain self-esteem:

Skip praising them unnecessarily: Parents should not praise their child unnecessarily. They should support them but without being biased towards them. Praising them for everything they do, is not a solution for boosting their self-esteem. It’s a mere encouragement of their acts that might be wrong. Instead, try to support them to compete and do better rather than shielding them with unnecessary praises.

Give choices to your child: Do not impose your decisions on your child. Let them take a step forward and try to make their own decisions. Provide them with options and let them analyse what is good for them. Help them to take a right decision but do not impose your decision on them. This will give a boost to their self-esteem. (Also read: Mental illnesses which affect children)

Let your child take risks: Risks are necessary to analyse your current state. Not every decision we make is wise and right. Let the children have the authority to make their own decisions. Obviously do not detach yourself from them completely. Watch their step from behind but let them be confident enough to take some decisions of their life. Guide them whenever necessary!

Help them to encourage their passion: Passion makes a man stronger. If you are passionate, you can easily achieve success in life. Everyone has a passion in their life. If they work in order to achieve it, they will definitely achieve success in life. They could either be passionate about their certain hobby or their studies. Support them and show them the clarity in life. Do not make them have false hopes. Make sure that their dreams and passions are not out of reach.

Parents are the first guide and teacher of every child. Make sure that you are a good teacher to your child and help them in boosting their self-esteem. (Also read: What is schizophrenia and know about its signs)

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