What are the subtle signs of emotional abuse

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What are the subtle signs emotional abuse

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Emotional abuse is a type of damage that hampers the mental health of the person. In some ways, it is way worse than the physical violence as it completely destroys the mental stability of the person. The scars of emotional abuses take time to heal. Many times the victim is completely unable to get out of the negative frame. The person who has suffered the emotional abuse has a hard timing trusting anyone. Therefore they are unable to seek anyone’s help for this. It completely changes the nature and behaviour of the person and makes them feel alone and worthless. In extreme cases, emotional abuse can lead to self-harm. As a result, it is important to know the signs of the person who has suffered emotional abuse. (Also read: What are the myths and facts surrounding emotions)

Constant feeling of fear and guilt
People who have suffered emotional abuse live with a feeling of guilt and fear all the time. They find things to blame themselves for and find it hard to have faith in themselves.

Anger and violence issues
It is the worst after effect of the emotional abuse, it leaves the victim with unrequited anger towards everything. Sometimes this anger takes a violent turn against others. Furthermore, if you notice then you will find that most of the criminals have suffered emotional abuse. (Also read: What are the toxic thoughts one must avoid)

Lack of confidence
People with bad emotional experiences find it hard to believe in themselves. They constantly look for excuses to put themselves down which causes lack of confidence. As a result, this lack of confidence leads to missed opportunities and unhappy life.

The Constant state of dilemma
The person who has suffered from emotional abuse find it hard to take a decision. Therefore, they are constantly doubting themselves as they feel that they are not worthy enough to decide things for themselves.

Trouble in trusting
People who have suffered emotional abuse have a mistrust towards people. As a result, they have time forming meaningful relationships. It is also a result of lack of trust. (Also read: How can you control your emotions)

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