What are the signs that you are dealing with an evil person

What are the signs that you are dealing with an evil person

People are of all kinds and of all nature. Some people are generous and kind, while others are self-involved and selfish. However, there are few people who are certainly evil. The term evil is used for those who feast on the miseries of others, create hurdles without remorse and most importantly hurt other for their own sadistic pleasure. Evil has many forms, it can be someone in your friend circle or a colleague or an acquaintance. These people tend to manipulate and hurt others around them. Therefore, it is really important to know what are the signs of an evil person, so that you can protect yourself. (Also read: How to transform from being a follower to a leader)

Sadistic pleasure
Sadistic pleasure simply means the pleasure obtained from the pain of others. Evil people enjoy the misery of others. They don’t feel compassion or empathy.

‘Controlling’ in nature
Evil or Malevolent people share this trait. They are very controlling. This is the way for them to feel empowered. They often prey on vulnerable people and then start using them.

Lies and dishonesty
Evil people have no problem when it comes to lying or dishonesty. They use false words and promises to trap others and later completely deny their own words. (Also read: How to make the right decision when you are stuck)

Strange feel of discomfort around them
When you are in contact with an evil person, your subconsciousness will try to warm you. You will feel discomfort or an unhealthy fear when you are in their presence.

No feeling of guilt
An evil person might hurt anyone without feeling even a bit guilty. They have no empathy for others. As a result, they lack remorse.

Curel and brutal
When an evil person is set out to destroy someone, she or he will be the cruellest in the actions. As they don’t feel the guilt they simply hurt others in the worst possible way.

No moral compass
Everyone believes in morality, that is good deeds and bad deeds. However, that is not the case with evil people. They have no moral ground to stop them.

Bad friends
Being friends means being there for your friend in the time of need. Evil people use friendship to meet their ends. As a result, friendship doesn’t mean anything to them.

This is the trademark of every evil person. They are manipulative. So, you have to be very careful as they can convince you to take a bad decision. (Also read: How to change negative thoughts into positive ones)

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