What are the signs that someone around you is a psychopath

What are the signs that someone around you is a psychopath

Psychopaths are ordinary looking people. After looking at someone you can never predict if they are a psychopath or not. The psychopaths are usually closed off. They mostly come across as emotionless and have a mask to hide their personality from the people. Often they try to win over the trust of people around them by being friendly, but they have an ulterior motive for the same. There is no sense of regret when they hurt someone for their own interest. Thy doesn’t empathize with fellow humans or understand their condition. Therefore it is important that you recognize a psychopath before you get hurt. So, let’s know the traits and signs of psychopaths.

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They don’t feel shame, guilt and regret
The feelings of shame, guilt and regret are social feeling and emotions. Thes emotions can trouble a person in the worst way possible. However, someone who is a psychopath then he or she will not be able to feel these emotions. In fact, they have no regret for their actions.

Never admit to the flaws
The biggest sign of a psychopath is that they don’t have a moral compass. This means that don’t consider themselves responsible for their negative actions. if you ask a psychopath to admit to their flaws, they won’t do it at all.

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Tell lies and make up excuses
These people have an excuse and a lie ready at any point. You cannot even predict they behaviour as they always have a lie ready at their disposition. At the same time, they are quick to shift the blame as well as the responsibility to someone else.

Selfishness and mean
As the psychopaths lack empathy for others, they are just focused on their own benefits. They seek friendship and companionship with an ulterior motive.

Charming in looks
The psychopaths are very good at masking their true self. As a result, they are charming and appear at the ease with themselves. So, they make people believe them.

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