What are the signs that a person is lying to you

What are the signs that a person is lying to you

Since our childhood, we are often taught about being honest and truthful. However, as people grow up they realise that lying is the easiest escape. As a result, people develop a habit of lying frequently. Most of the lies are innocent lies that are not supposed to hurt anyone. In contrast, there are many dark lies that can be very dangerous. Liars often feel that no one can see through their lies and they will trick people easily. However, there are ways to tell if the person is lying to you. By careful observation, anyone can learn this trick and find out the hidden lies. All the trick lies in observing the body language of the person. (Also read: What are the toxic thoughts one must avoid)

Scratching of the neck
If you pay close attention you will find that the person who is lying is not entirely comfortable with their body. They often scratch their neck as they are nervous.

Touch their face a lot
This is the most common sign of lying. The person who is lying tries a lot to keep his or her face neutral. In this attempt, he or she touches the face a lot.

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Breathing change
The person who is lying is often trying hard to keep their breathing normal. However, often due to this the breathing rhythm changes. The breathing becomes too fast or too deep.

They talk in broken sentences and repeated phrases
Lying is not a natural course of action for the mind. As a result, the person finds it hard to maintain proper sentences while lying. He or she often repeats the phrase or speak in broken sentences.

They focus too much on details
Liars often feel the need to go out the way to make their lie appear convincing. As a result, they add unnecessary fact and details to their lies, that actually blow their cover.

Cover their mouth
The mind’s natural instinct is, to be honest. So when a person is lying then he or she prefers to cover the face as their natural instinct.  (Also read: What are the early signs of dementia)

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