What Are The Signs Telling That Overthinking Has Trapped Your Mind

What Are The Signs Telling That Overthinking Has Trapped Your Mind

We make our brain work so much that sometimes we feel that even the brain has shut its doors. We get restless and infuriated and this is all because overthinking. In this competitive and sudden change of lifestyle, we tend to think a lot. Be it our job, relationship, friends or any other personal matter; our mind is always in the continuous process to store all the energy received from them. Therefore, there are times when your mind becomes full and you shatter due to overthinking. So, to be alert, read the signs telling that overthinking has trapped your mind. [Also Read: How Reading Boosts Your Memory And Brain Power]


If you have a mind which presumes things and over analyse almost everything then you must beware. Your mind might have been trapped with overthinking that the next way out you find for your problem is to have control which practically you cannot. Thus, the presumption is the sign that your mind is not relaxed.


If you have regular days of no sleep then too you are in a trouble. If your mind keeps working on certain thoughts of the day spent or any other scenario then you will find it extremely difficult to sleep. Your brain doesn’t relax hence, you cannot escape from this mental position.

Lack Of Self-Trust:

As you have many desires for yourself but due to some of the reason you could not fulfil that hence, you tend to lose self-trust. This happens, when your brain shuts all doors and you are left in the vicious circle of overthinking. To attain perfection, you ponder over the thoughts thereby, losing self-trust. [Also Read: What are the signs that you are actually a masochist]

Frequent Headaches:

When your brain works more than required it becomes ill. The mind too needs rest but your overthinking has made it restless and you get frequent headaches.

Inability To Live The Present:

If you are unable to live the present moment and thinks either about future or the past event then it is a sure shot sign that overthinking has trapped your mind. Thinking too much loses your focus and attention towards things which are important to you.

Therefore, to not be the victim of any serious mental health condition, identify the signs and seek help from your near ones or specialists. [Also Read: What are the daily habits that damage our brain]

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