What are the signs of toxic masculinity in men

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What are the signs of toxic masculinity in men

We live in a male-dominated society that its own norms and rules about manliness and masculinity in general. There are certain behavioural traits that are assigned to man, and certain ones to the woman. The manly or masculine traits include never showing your emotions or always behaving like a leader. However, these things are actually a sign of toxic masculinity. When these traits are left unchecked for too long and the man becomes a slave to them. Therefore he loses his real identity. Such men have their own toxic idea of masculinity and they turn very dominant as well. It is not only harmful to the people around them but also to the man himself. (Also read: What are the major differences between fake people and genuine people)

Signs of toxic masculinity are:

Intense desire to win
It is natural that everyone wants to win, but a victim of toxic masculinity has an obsession with winning. For them, the idea of winning is attached with manliness. That is why they find it extremely hard to accept defeat and improve.

Lack of emotional responses
It is natural to feel upset and hurt about things in life. However, that is not the case with men with toxic masculinity. They think of emotions and feelings as weakness. As a result, they deprive themselves of their real feelings and stay stuck in their manliness. (Also read: How to bounce back from failures and setbacks)

Don’t take help
It is important to understand the value of team spirit and helping each other. This doesn’t appeal to manly man as they think of it as a defeat and weakness.

Take excessive risk
Everyone likes to add adventure and thrill to life. However, men with toxic masculinity take too much risk that can be self-destructive. These traits include rash driving, excessive stunts etc.

Oppressing others
These men like to win in every scope of life. However, sometimes this leads to a habit of dominating others and oppressing them.  (Also read: What are the signs that you are actually a masochist)

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