What are the signs of sex addiction

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What are the signs of the sex addiction

Like any kind of addiction, sex addiction is a harmful condition that has a negative impact on the mental health of the person. Sexual intercourse is a part of life, it is actually good for health. However, excessive thoughts about sex or sexual intercourse have a very negative effect on the person’s life. In simple words, sex addiction means a strong and irresistible urge to get involved sexually. Due to this disorder, people seek various outputs to feed their addiction. They resort to pornography, casual intercourse, masturbation etc. This takes the person away from the real needs in life. Therefore it is important to know the signs of sex addiction. (Also read: What is hypersexual disorder and its symptoms)

Constantly being occupied by sexual thoughts
If you constantly think about sex constantly and even after having other engagements in life. This is a sign of sex addiction. Also, sex addict spends time thinking about sex even in the company of friends and family.

Always the urge to watch explicit content
A sex addict always tries to feed his or her sexual addiction by constant;y seeking out explicit content like pornography. Even when they are reading or surfing the internet they try to switch to lewd and explicit content.

Refusing to follow the code of conduct
For sex addicts, there are no code or conduct. They find it hard to be in a monogamous relationship. As a result, they resort to cheating and other unhealthy means. (Also read: What are the subtle signs of the food addiction disorder)

Inability to control it or stop it
A sex addict is just like any other addict, a slave to the addiction. He or she finds it difficult to put a stop to this addiction. Furthermore, there is feeling that constantly rejects the victim’s attempts to free themselves from the addiction.

You mess up your relationship
The toughest part of sex addiction is the inability to maintain a healthy relationship. Therefore, a sex addict constantly seeks different partners or multiple partners to satisfy the urge. As a result, there is no space left for a healthy relationship. (Also read: What is online shopping addiction and its signs)

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