What are the reasons behind crying

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What are the reasons behind crying

Crying is the most primitive human emotion. At some point or the other, we all have an emotional breakdown that ends up with tears. Many people believe that crying is a weak emotion. Whereas some people feel better after a good cry. However, the important question is why do we cry. Crying is one of the most natural ways of venting out the emotions. Crying might be because of a happy reason or a sad reason, but nonetheless crying is something we all have experienced. It is signified by tears pricking our eyes, runny nose and difficulty in breathing. So, it is the body’s reaction to an emotionally heightened situation.

Why do we cry?
Crying often happens on the basis of an occasion. That means a very happy or sad occasion can move a person to tears. Sometimes, even a beautiful song, book or a movie can make a person melt and cry. Crying is a release of emotions, it simply serves an emotional purpose. However, it can also be treated as a survival mechanism. It signifies that your mind or body is troubled and you should pay attention to the problem.

Other than that crying serves a biochemical purpose as well. It helps to release the toxic materials or stress hormones from the body.

Sometimes people use crying as a tool of manipulation. They make the crying serve a social purpose as it helps to gain the attention of people. Crying makes you appear vulnerable, and even though many people hate it, some people use it to gain sympathy.

What happens after crying?
The result of crying varies from person to person. Sometimes people feel relieved and happy after a good cry, while other feel worse. There is no hard and fast rule when it comes to crying. It is an emotion that depends on person to person.

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