What Are The Phrases You Say To Yourself That Affect Your Self-confidence

What Are The Phrases You Say To Yourself That Affect Your Self-confidence

Everyone does self-talks. When you need to take any decision, any judgement, result, etc. you talk to yourself and feel confident. Like the same way, there are many things we speak out of our mind which can lower down our self-confidence. Our mind is like another person inside us, that is why asking your own mind can solve any purposes and complications. Basically, we take our mind quite seriously. That is why when we say some specific phrases to your mind, that effects our own self-confidence and esteem. Want to know what are these phrases? Let us have a look: (Also Read: How To Get Rid Of Ego And Stay Happy)

I can not do that, I have no other good way:
When you have to do something and you know that this is impossible for you, you say this to your mind. When we convince our mind that we can not do a task, our mind gets convinced and behaves like this. So, this way we harm our self-confidence. We should not say this to our mind ever as saying this we are killing all the possibilities of completing that work.

I am a stupid and can not do anything in the right well:
Everybody has different abilities, everybody cannot be perfect in doing each and every work. You may be better in some other work than what you are doing now. You can not judge yourself if you are unable to do anything perfectly. Moreover, when we do something, we need to have the full concentration of our heart and mind both. Maybe you are not giving your 100 percent to the work. So, do not say this repeatedly to yourself. (Also Read: Major Signs You Always Complain And How To Overcome This)

I am very much unlucky:
If you are experienced failure multiple times, you can not call yourself as unlucky. Failure is the part of life. Those who are achieving the success are not the luckiest person. There is no last chance, every last chance is the second last chance. Just remember, whatever you are doing you should give your 100 percent in terms of your heart mind both. you will get a success soon.

I am ugly looking:
Everybody is beautiful in their own way. Judging yourself by the skin colour is something very much disgraceful. Your heart is your real beauty, not the way you look. Trying to be like someone or feeling jealous by seeing someone makes your confidence down and broke. So, from the next time consider your self-pretty/handsome from your heart. (Also Read: How To Address The Unhelpful Beliefs About Sleep)

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