What are the myths and facts surrounding emotions

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What are the myths and fact surrounding emotions

Everyone deals with emotions in one way or another. However, many people think of emotions in a negative manner. Even though we all feel overpowered by our emotions, not many people feel uncomfortable when it comes to discussing or talking about the emotions. Human emotions are not a sign of emotionally weak, these emotions actually play a vital role in helping us to maintain a healthy mind. Our emotions are the response to the situation and our thoughts. They help us to know how a condition is affecting us. Even though people believe that emotions drag us down, but this is completely wrong. In fact, emotions bring out the human side of us and help us to get in touch with our fears as well as strengths. Emotions can actually be our strength if we treat them in the right way. (Also read: How can you control your emotions)

“I have no control over my emotions”
This statement is the biggest myth around the emotions. Many people use this as an excuse to hide from the real problems. Actually, we all can use our emotions in a positive way. How we deal with our emotions is up to us.

“I am more productive without my emotions”
Our emotions never hold us back from achieving our full potential. Most of the times, people think that without emotions they will be more productive, but that is just a myth. Emotions actually help a person to be more creative with work and keep the stress at bay. (Also read: What are the toxic thoughts one must avoid)

“I am emotional due to other people”
This statement is the worst myth when it comes to emotions. People often blame others for their emotional health. However, the only person that can affect the emotional health of the person is the person himself. Everyone choose to react in a certain way and nobody can take responsibility for it.

“I need to vent”
One of the most common myths about emotions. Nobody needs to snap or vent to feel better about himself or herself. The only way to deal with negative emotions is to accept them and then turn them in a positive direction.

“Emotions make me weak”
This is often the defending statement when it comes to emotional health. However, our emotions only make us strong and help us to achieve better emotional health. (Also read: What to do during a panic attack)

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