What are the Facts and myths about left-handed people

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What are the Facts and myths about left-handed people

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We all have a dominant hand. In most cases, this hand is the right hand. However, almost 10% of the global population considers the left hand to be the dominant hand. This means that their left hand performs all their functions such as writing, holding a cup, moping, eating, etc. There are many myths and assumptions about left handed people because of their different style of doing things. Many people believe that left handed people are gifted. However, being left-handed means simply using your left hand to do things. However, it is important to clear the myths about left handed people. (Also read: What are the signs that a person is lying to you)

Left handed people are more creative
This one is totally untrue. Your dominant hand has nothing to do with your creativity. However, left handed people have a different way of doing things but it doesn’t mean that they are more creative. Creativity depends on the thought process of your brain it has nothing to do with the hand.

Identical twins have same dominant hands
This is also a major myth. Being identical twins doesn’t mean you both will share the same dominant hand. It is important to know that picking a dominant hand is an individualistic decision. (Also read: 5 things you must know about introverts)

Your genes decide your dominant hand
Another major myth about left handed people. Your genes play an important role in deciding your characteristics. However, they don’t have the final verdict about things. Having a parent who is left hand is not a guaranty that you too will have the dominant left hand.

It is impossible to change your dominant hand
Using a left hand is a habit like any other. It is possible to change it with time and practice. However, using your left-hand is not harmful to you in any way or manner. Therefore, it is not a habit that must be changed. (Also read: 4 food items you should avoid for better mental health)

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