What are the early signs of dementia

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What are the early signs of dementia

The term dementia does not mean a particular mental disorder. It means a combined form of various mental problems. Dementia is not a single disease in itself, but a general term to describe symptoms of impairment in memory, communication, and thinking. People often connect dementia to ageing, but it is important to keep in mind that it is a mental disorder which is not a part of a normal ageing process. It includes problems like forgetfulness, lack of concentration, and reduced mental abilities.

Dementia can be recognized in its early stages if one pays attention to it. However, the most harmful type of dementia is vascular dementia that happens after a stroke. It is hard to deal with it as it completely destroys the mental functioning of the person. This is why it is important to know the early signs of dementia. (Also read: How To Not Give Up In The Toughest Situations)

Speech problems
The person suffering from dementia has a tough time finding words to express himself or herself. Even the people with sharpest minds find it hard to express themselves in the right way. They constantly search their minds for the right word but are unable to do so.

Even though most people suffer from forgetfulness every now and then, with dementia it becomes a real problem. As a result, the victim sometimes even forgets his or her address as well. If observed early these are the major signs of dementia. (Also read: What to do during a panic attack)

Lack of concentration and focus
As dementia leads to lack of proper functioning of the brain. Therefore, the victim has a hard time focusing on day to day activities. They lose their concentration power and focus which makes them further troubled.

Constant state of confusion
The victim lives in a constant state of confusion as his or her brain stops helping him. The confusion can be about anything, even the simplest things like recognizing the family members can be a difficult task for the victim. (Also read: Seven ways to improve brain health)

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