What are the daily habits that damage our brain

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What are the daily habits that damage our brain

While we struggle to concentrate, eat well, have a sound sleep, feel tired, we often miss out to take care of the brain. The brain is the centre of all our actions. When we find difficulty in carrying out activities that usually affect our body we often forget that there is a problem with our brain. Something is troubling our brain in such a manner that our normal lifestyle gets disturbed. Our brain carries out various activities in our body. It is responsible to maintain the overall balance of the body, body temperature, makes memory strong and even controls human emotions. But we must make a note, that various human activities and habits affect the brain thoroughly. Thus, we should make a note of all our healthy habits in order to protect our brain. (Also read: How to get rid of your social media addiction)

What are the daily habits that damage our brain?

Skipping breakfast: Breakfast is one of the essential meals of the day. You can afford to skip any of your meal but skipping breakfast is a big NO. It provides us energy to carry out our day’s activity. After the prolonged fasting overnight, eating a meal in the morning is necessary. If our brain does not get supplied with essential nutrients and minerals, then the body will get no signals to perform. Much surprisingly, we often face mood swings, lack of concentration, lack of energy only when we skip breakfast.

Overeating: Sometimes, we overeat in order to honour our taste buds. Overeating makes us feel lethargic and slows down our metabolism rate. The fats get collected in the body and tend to make us couch potato. Thus we should eat in moderation to the hunger and not beyond that. (Also read: Why do people consume alcohol even when they know it’s bad)

Excessive smoking and alcohol consumption: Many of us are in the bad habit of smoking cigarettes and consuming alcohol. Smoking reduces the level of oxygen supply to the brain and may lead to Alzheimer’s. It even releases heterocyclic amines which affect the DNA reproduction in the brain. Besides this, alcohol is dangerous for liver, heart and nervous system. It interferes with the chemical process of the brain and kills the neurons. It also slows down the process of brain functioning.

Junk food and excess sugar consumption: Refined sugars, junk food, packaged food etc. affect our brain negatively. Not having a balanced diet rich in fibres, proteins and minerals make our brain weak. It affects the immunity of the body and also the neurological functioning of the brain.

Lack of brain exercise: Our habits like reading, memorising things, indulging in conversations make our brain strong and function better. Even the physical activities make our brain function properly. Lack of these activities in our routine often disturbs the balance of our brain.

Overstressing brain during illness: Our brain needs rest while we are ill. Working long hours, studying and overstressing your brain during illness often make us weak mentally. It disturbs the overall functioning of the brain and affects our memory. Our brain too needs time to heal.

Not sleeping enough: A normal human body needs at least 7-8 hours of sleep. Lack of sleep disturbs the balance of the brain. Insufficient rest to the brain makes it weak and vulnerable. It makes you feel tired and causes mood swings as well. (Also read: Why do celebrities get into controversy to seek attention)

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