What are the common myths about the brain

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The human brain is quite mysterious and amazing. Many researchers have given wonderful information about the way its work and structures, but still, many myths associated with the brain are prevalent among people. These myths are being known as the truth for many years, due to which everyone values them. So it’s important to know the truth about them. (Also read: How to get rid of your social media addiction)

Let’s know what myths are associated with the brain.

Use only 10 percent:

This myth is quite popular that you only use 10 percent of your brain. In fact, every part of the mind is determined by different parts, which can lead to many mental problems without being implemented smoothly. So this myth is absolutely wrong. This proverb may be used to increase the talent, creativity or intelligence of the people and motivate them.

Mental losses are permanent:

Our brain structure is quite delicate, due to which a small injury or disease can cause many problems. But the permanent or temporary loss of mental damage depends on the severity of the damage. It is therefore not necessary that any injury to the brain will affect you forever. (Also read: How to become an emotionally stronger person)

A human brain is the largest brain:

The human brain is considered to be very large in proportion to different body parts, but the human brain is not the largest of living beings. The brain of an adult person is about 1.5 kg heavier and 15 centimetres long. But the biggest brain is the sperm whale, which weighs 8 kg.

About brain cells:

People believe that brain cells are never formed once they are finished. But it’s not like that. You will be surprised to know that our brain keeps producing new cells throughout the ages.

Regarding alcohol consumption:

There is also a myth that by consuming alcohol, the cells of the brain die and never come back. But on the earlier point, it has become clear that our brain produces new cells over the course of time. So this myth also proves to be absolutely wrong. Although alcohol is not safe to consume, so stay away from it. (Also read: What are the dos and don’t when you are really angry)

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