What are some effective ways to build your emotional intelligence

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What are some effective ways to build your emotional intelligence

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Emotional intelligence is controlling your emotions and managing them according to the need of the hour. We all are human beings and have a control over our emotions is not an easy task. It not only impacts our mental health but might impact the overall health of the body. Emotions can either make you weak or strong, depending on your capability to handle them. Being emotionally aware, the need to apply them and adapt them according to various situations is not as easy as it sounds. Our emotional intelligence impacts our personal growth and success. Let’s discuss how can you build your emotional intelligence and achieve your goals. (Also read: What are the signs that show you are connected with your emotions)

What are some effective ways to build your emotional intelligence?

Evaluate your emotions: Self-awareness is a key and the mantra of being successful in life. You need to be close to your emotions in order to stay grounded and remain in touch with them. How you feel, how you react, how you deal with your emotions etc. make you aware of your own self. Thus, you must keep a close watch on your emotions.

Take criticism positively: Never feel disheartened if you are criticised. If you want to be emotionally intelligent then you should take the criticism positively. It helps an individual to grow mentally. Criticism is necessary to achieve success in life. Take these as feedbacks and work towards your success. (Also read: Which signs show that you are losing the touch with your emotions)

Stay away from negativity: Negativity can cause destruction to your mental ability. It not only hurts your emotions but also keeps you mentally disrupted. Negativity can only bring the evil out of you. Failures, heartbreak, rejections etc. are a part of our life. We must take them positively and work towards improving our self. Negativity shall never wash our positivity.

Listen more: Listening makes you learn a lot. Those who listen and interrupt less, become quite successful in life. Thus, one should listen to what others say without interrupting them. Either you will gain from them or you will have a clear picture where you stand. You will lose nothing and this will make you emotional intelligent and successful.

Show in your performance: Once you tame your emotions and hold them back after deep analysing, you will definitely be able to do the best. Your performance reflects your emotional balance and will be able to highlight your emotional intelligence. Do not let your failures come in between the path of your success. Let your success speak for itself. (Also read: Amazing brain hacks to increase your IQ, focus and creativity)

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