What are reasons behind the numb hands

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What are reasons behind the numb hands

Our hands have the most sensitive touch receptors. All these receptors or nerves are connected to our spinal cord or brain.  Any problem or damage in it can be the reason for numb hands. There are various reasons for this numbness. This numbness of hand is not just a physical issue, it is also deeply connected to the mental health. Numb hands are something that a person should take seriously.  [Also read: Habits that put your immune system under attack]

Carpal tunnel syndrome
This syndrome is one of the most common causes of hand numbness. In Carpal tunnel syndrome, our median nerve (the nerve that goes from your forearm to the hand) is pinched at the wrist. People who spend most of their time on computers are most prone to it.

Tennis Elbow
People who are into wrist based sports like tennis or golf are at higher risk of epicondylitis, also known as the tennis elbow. The most common symptom of this injury is numb hands. [Also read: Best Exercises To Strengthen Your Wrist]

It is not a very popular symptom but the thyroid disease can lead to hand numbness.
An under-active thyroid often results in damage to the nerves. Nerves transport information between your brain and spinal cord. It can be a possible reason for hand numbness.

Heavy and regular intake of alcohol leads a variety of health disorder. It causes numbness in various limbs such as legs and hands. If you a raging alcoholic it is better to cut down to avoid the lack of sensitivity in your hand.

In the case of type 2 diabetes, that the nerves of the hand suffer a lot. This results in the numbness of hand. If you are suffering from excessive thirst, sudden weight loss and numb hands. It is advised to get the doctor’s opinion on it.

Numbing of hand can be the first sign of a stroke. Other signs are indistinct speech, hazy vision, and dizziness. If these are the signs that you are experiencing then you should rush to the emergency as soon as possible. All these are the major reasons for numbing of hands. Numbing of hands can be an early sign of major problems. [Also read: Ten cheap muscle-building foods besides chicken]

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