UP Board Result 2018: How to motivate your child to work hard in case he fails

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How to motivate your child to work hard in case he fails

Up Board Exam result 2018 can be announced any time soon now. This has brought a lot of stress and tension among the students. It is one of the most crucial time for both parents as well as their children. However, parents should aim at motivating their child no matter what. Be prepared for the worst but do not lose hope Your child seeks the maximum support from you in any condition. So, do not pressurise them or yell at them for anything. In case, your child fails in Up Board Exams 2018, you have to be a little patient and the support system of your child. Try to motivate them to do better the next time.

UP Board Exam Result 2018: How to motivate your child to work hard in case he fails?

Inspire them: Do not yell at them and don’t deal with aggression. You can’t undo what has been done. You need to move forward with a positive attitude and inspire your child to study hard the next time. Your inspiration can really help them to face this worst condition of failure. They must be already in a lot of guilt and fear. So, try to comfort them and inspire them to work harder.

Give them some time alone: Do not force them to get into action there and then. Let them have some time to analyse what lead to their failure. No one knows it better than the person himself who has faced failure. They really need to figure out where they had lacked in their exams.

Provide them with a healthy environment: Until you create an aura of positivity around your child will not be able to cope with his failure and work towards the success. Now that he needs to be motivated to study harder to achieve good marks in the next exams, he needs your support too. Stop taunting them for every small thing. Inspire them, motivate them and help them to work harder.

Do not insult them: The kids of your friends or relative might have scored well, unlike your kid, but that does not mean you will insult them. Not every child is alike. Try to be patient and support your child who already has to deal with a lot of things now. Stop making them feel down upon themselves. Be their backbone and help them to deal with this situation. Encourage them to study hard and score well the very next time.

UP Board 2018 result is to be declared soon. Like every year, this time too many students have appeared for UP Board class 10 and UP board class 12. Around 34,04,571 students took UP Board Class 10 examinations that started off from 6th February and ended on 22nd February. On the other hand, around 26,24,681 students took UP Board 2018 Class 12th examinations which were held from 6th February to 12th March. The expected date for UP Board 12th Result 2018 is April 15th, 2018.

The number of students sitting for UP Board Examination 2018 has increased from the last year. There were around 34,01,511 students who appeared for UP Board class 10 while for UP Board class 12th, 26,54,492 students took the exams. Last year, girl scored better than boys in UP Board examinations. In UP board class 10, girls success rate was 86.50. While boys had only 76.75 percent. However, in class 12th UP Board exams 2017, boys passing rate was 77.16 percent while girls had 88.80 percent success rate. Overall, the scale of passing percentage in UP Board class 10th stood at 81.18 percent. However, 82.62 percent students passed successfully in UP Board class 12th in 2017.

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