How to turn your haters into your lovers

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How to turn your haters into your lovers

If you are climbing up the stairs of success and getting new opportunities in life then you must have been very happy. There are certain people who will stand by you when you achieve success. However, there are some people in your life, who just dislike you completely. They can’t tolerate seeing you achieving the heights of success. This is the nature of the society that no matter how good a human being you are, there are certain people who will always dislike you or hate you. Sometimes, these people start criticising you. However, if you want you can make these people like you and become a fan of you. You need to be a little smart and adopt few interesting ways to deal with these people. (Also read: Things that happen when you stop checking your social media accounts constantly)

How to turn your haters into your lovers?

Thank them for criticism: If someone criticises you, thank them. You will not be at any loss because of their criticism, in fact, it will only help you out. Criticism helps you to grow in every aspect. Therefore, instead of going far off from such people, you should thank them and stay close to them. Eventually, they will get to know your behaviour and will start liking you.

Do not ignore them: You must have heard that we should ignore the people who don’t like you. However, this does not solve your problem but increases it more. Thus, you must not ignore those who hate you. You should face them and acknowledge them more. (Also read: Day to day activities that ruin the peace of mind and affect your mental health)

Seek help from them: Taking help from the people who criticise you will work as a magic trick for you. If you will take help from them then it will change their perspective towards you. However, make sure the kind of helping you are seeking from them. This should be within their capability.

Consider your criticism: If you think that your critics, criticise you, then you should take thing positively. Try to bring the necessary changes in your attitude if required by following what they have said. This will make your haters realise that you are not egoistic and you accept criticism positively. This will make them like you more. (Also read: Ways by which your self-intuition is trying to tell you something)

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