5 things you must know about introverts

5 thing you must know about introverts

Every person has his or her own way of living the life. Some are loud and social where as some prefer their own space. People who like to keep everything within themselves are termed as introverts. Often introverts are misunderstood by all. They are often considered shy and anti social. However, that is not the truth, introvert are the people who are comfortable within their own space, they don’t like being the centre of attention all the time, they stay lost in their own mind. Introverts are not anti social, in fact, they just prefer a limited social circle. There are many myths and assumptions about introverts, that is why it is important to know few things about introverts. (Also read: 4 food items you should avoid for better mental health)

They need their recharge time
Introverts need their own time and space to feel recharged. If they tell you this, then understand that it is not about you but it is just their way of functioning.

They like company but not all the time
Introverts are often overwhelmed by a large crowd, but that doesn’t mean that they are not social. Introverts are amazing listeners. They prefer one on one conversation, as they communicate easily there. (Also read: What are the toxic thoughts one must avoid)

They observe a lot
If you are upset and you are trying to hide it, an introvert will certainly catch you. Introverts pay attention to people and their habits. They often are the first ones to notice the small changes. This quality sets them apart from everyone.

Introverts have specific interests
Introverts spend a lot of their time in their preferred activities. They feel calm when they devote time to their interests. It can be anything like drawing, doodling, writing or anything.

They are very loyal
Introverts take their time to pick friends. As a result, they are fiercely loyal towards their friends. They might not express it every now and then but they are the ones who will never shy away from helping their friends. Introverts are careful with their time, therefore if you are friends with an introvert then consider yourself lucky. (Also read: What is bulimia and know about its signs)

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