Things that happen when you stop checking your social media accounts constantly

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Things that happen when you stop checking your social media accounts constantly

Social media has become the necessity of our life. We all have been too occupied in our lives that we hardly have time to meet people in person. Thus, social media is one thing that helps us to stay connected with the people. However, many people have become addicted to the same. They can’t even go for seconds without scrolling their social media handles. Even if they do not get a notification, they will still log in to make sure of the updates. However, this habit is eating up our brain too much. Undoubtedly it is affecting us mentally as well as physically. Let’s have a look what all good can happen to our body if we stop checking our social media handles constantly. (Also read: Day to day activities that ruin the peace of mind and affect your mental health)

Things that happen when you stop checking your social media accounts constantly?

You will become more alert: Often we laze around checking our social media accounts and tend to forget the most crucial things of our life. We might have an important assignment or some urgent presentation that needs our immediate attention. However, when we are occupied with our phone, we ignore everything.

You become more productive: Agree to it or not, we all miss out a major time in checking out our social media accounts. Hence, we lack in our productivity too. If you want to be more productive, try this out. Log off all your social media accounts and notice the difference. You will do your work well in time and efficiently as well. (Also read: How can deleting all social media applications help you mentally)

Learn that your life is not based on others preferences: We often keep a count of the likes and dislikes we have got on our recent upload. This eventually makes us believe what people like in us. It is not essential that you also like the same thing about yourself. It may be a picture, a recent status update or maybe a quote. Most of the times, we tend to share things we believe people will like. Hence, we gradually lose our real selves. Thus, by saying a ‘NO’ to social media will help you bring closer to your own self.

Devote time to yourself: You can’t imagine the amount of time you spend on your social media accounts. If this time is devoted to something productive, you will be completely shocked. If not anything, you can take up your hobby or something that benefits you in long run. You will have ample of time to devote to yourself.

You will find some good friends in life: Having 1,000 friends on social media won’t make a difference if you have none in reality. When you change your route from the social media accounts, you will find yourself closer to your real friends. You will notice that you both have found out a good way to stay in touch. (Also read: What are the daily habits that damage our brain)

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