Smarter Than Average: What are some of the weird habits of extra smart people

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What are the habits of intellectual people

Smarter than usual: Those who are smart people, they are highly creative and day dreamers.

Smarter Than Average: Achieving success is a difficult task but we all try to get successful. Some people do extra efforts and some do little less. It is not mandatory that everyone will get success easily. Some people do not do much labour to achieve success. No matter, if you have done the extra efforts, but you still fail to get successful in life. Then where lies the difference? The only difference is that they work in a smart way. No one is perfect but smartness is a personality and a character of a person which makes the person different from others. Measuring the intellect of a person is a difficult task but some of their weird habits can tell that their learning power, creativity, potential etc. is more than the average people. (Also read: Hard work and smart work: How to do hard work and smart work together)

Smarter Than the Rest: Which weird habits tell that the person is smarter than the rest?

  • Daydreaming
  • Getting late most of the time
  • Having a messed up desk
  • Waking up till late at night
  • Criticize their own self


weird habits of smarter than the usual people
Those who are smarter than the average people are daydreamers.

Most of the people think that daydreaming is a bad habit and often the lonely people who have no motivation often do this. But this is extremely untrue. Those who are lost in their thoughts have the capability to recall things in a better way. They have a stable mind.

Getting late most of the time
If you get late most of the times, you need to feel ashamed. Getting late does not mean you are lazy, it means you are a multi-tasker. Studies show, that those who get late most of the time are successful and creative.

Having a messed up desk
One study shows that those who have a messed up desk are more creative than the others. They can create the best ideas, These people are so involved in creativity that they forget to organise the things.

Waking up till late at night
These days most of the people wake up till late at night. Some people invest this time in studies and some people watch movies. No matter what you are doing, studies show that those who wake up till late at night are smarter than the rest of the people.

Criticize their own self
People think that intelligent people are confident and they always appreciate themselves. However, those who are capable know their potential and criticize themselves. They blame themselves for their mistakes.

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These are some of the weird habits of smarter than usual people. You can read this article in Hindi as well.

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