Five Reasons You Might Have Trouble Sleeping At Night

Five Reasons You Might Have Trouble Sleeping At Night

Have you ever realised what makes you not fall asleep at night in spite of being sleepy? A proper sleep is necessary for a healthy functioning of the body. Lack of sleep may give you tiresome next day and irritable feelings. Not falling asleep even after eyes being heavy is something fishy, but it too has a reason behind it. [Also Read: Know How Using Mobile Phone Before Bed Can Worsen Your Mental Health]

There are five factors of which you are not aware of and they keep you awake all night:

The dilemma of not able to work:
While you are trying to sleep, you may have flickering thoughts revolving in the mind of not able to work the next day. It’s like you are worried about the bad sleep which will ruin your other day. Hence, the dilemma keeps pondering over your mind making you not fall asleep.

Planning the re-plan:
Well! Just worrying for the bad sleep isn’t a full stop. When not falling asleep, you tend to re-plan your already planned schedules and some are even waved off from the list. And, why is it all done? Just because to make your day go along with the kind of sleep you took last night. You tend to re-plan early morning schedules primarily. Thus, causing more distress. [Also Read: Few Myths And Facts About Mental Illness]

Juggling to get 7-8 hours sleep:
We all have the habit of setting an alarm clock for the morning which eases us to get up early. However, this device also tells us the time period for which we will sleep. Hence, from here the real chaos starts. It is good to sleep for 7-8 hours at night for a healthy body, however, if our clock shows us the six hours or five hours time, we tend to feel distressed ruining the allotted sleeping time.

When thinking to get sleeping pills
A prolonged worry, stress and anxiety may leave you with the option of taking sleeping pills to get proper sleep. However, your conscience won’t allow you for the same. Therefore, the wandering thoughts will eventually lead you to not fall asleep.

The idea of compensating bad sleep:
When you had a bad sleep, you try to compensate it with the nap. But, it rarely works out. A planned napping doesn’t keep your fresh hence, the vicious circle continues. [Also Read: Know how mental health is equally important as physical health]

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