Sleeping during daytime is good or bad

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Sleeping during daytime is good or bad?

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People usually take a short nap during the day time. There has been a constant argument going on whether one should sleep during the daytime or not? Is sleeping during the day actually beneficial? Well, there are no traces that suggests it is harmful. Taking a nap during daytime is not bad unless you are not losing your night sleep. A short powerful nap during the daytime helps to revive you and improve your performance to the other half of the day. Students usually get mentally tired due to the burden of studies and hectic schedule, they must try to have a quick nap in the afternoon. On the other hand, elder people should also take a short nap to refresh their energy and spend the rest of the day with ease. (Also read: What is a hypnic jerk and what are it’s causes)

Let’s have a look at why sleeping in the afternoon is good or bad:

It boosts memory: Taking a short nap or sleeping for may be half an hour can help you to boost your memory and make it sharper. You can always experience the difference if you take a short nap during the daytime. It helps you to memorise things at a faster pace.

Lowers down the blood pressure: According to the scientific research, sleeping during daytime can help you to lower down your blood pressure. It gives rest to the hustle going on due to cardiovascular stress inside the body. Thus it regulates the level of increasing blood pressure in the body. (Also read: What is sleepwalking disorder and its treatment)

Calms down the nerves: Sleeping during the day time for a short while can help you to calm down and relax. If you have an anger issue or you are impatient, you should try this sleep. Sleeping during the daytime brings calmness to the nervous system and thus prevents nervous breakdown.

Makes you more alert: It has been discovered by the researchers that sleeping during the day time can actually help you to become more alert. In case you are losing interest in your work or unable to pay attention, go for a quick nap therapy, you will find an improved concentration. But make sure it is a short nap otherwise you will turn into a lazy lad.

Disadvantages of sleeping during daytime:

If you are an insomniac, try to avoid sleeping during the daytime. It will only fade away your night sleeping habit. When you already can’t sleep at night, and then you sleep during the daytime, your sleep will naturally fade away. So try not to avoid the same.

Also, if you are undergoing depression, try to avoid the day sleep. It will only multiply your problems. Depression already troubles you by eradicating your sleep completely. It makes you awake for the whole night. So taking a nap during the daytime should be avoided to have a little peaceful sleep at night. (Also read: Five Reasons You Might Have Trouble Sleeping At Night)

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