Three Signs Which Indicate You Should Minimize The Usage of Social Media

Signs Which Indicate You Should Minimize The Usage of Social Media

If you constantly think about social media notifications, then it is the right time to detach yourself from social media. It would not only make you an unsocial person but also affect your mind and brain badly. Social media is an amazing thing which connects people to the entire world. Also, it’s a great source to get regular updates from your favourite sources. And it can be very easy to get into the trap of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram etc. When the addiction is too much, certain signs indicate that you should get rid of these addictions instantly. (Also Read: Things Which People With Inner Confidence Will Understand)

Hence, here are some signs which tell you that you should stop using social media too much right now.

You feel stressed almost every time:
An adult, like us, feels stressed out always and becomes anxious while devoting the entire day to these social media notifications. Just imagine, how difficult the life seems to be. Maintaining all these can often feel like a full-time job, and the personal time of ours have lost somewhere. Just think, when did you last enjoy your alone time with your phone and any other social media platform? The answer may disappoint you. (Also Read: How To Not Give Up In The Toughest Situations)

You feel anxious when you are not online:
The world is not going to end if you miss one tweet or don’t post a picture of your lunch. You should be able to spend a decent amount of time living your life sans the Internet. If you can’t, then you are probably near that thin line of technology addiction. Try out a few days where you leave your phone at home (I know, the horror!) or at least keep it in your bag while at work. Do this until you feel OK not being plugged in every second of your day.

You can not keep away your phone while with friends:
You are always busy with the phone even when you are out with your friends. You find that your virtual friends are more interesting than the ones beside you. This sucks! Your friend is also telling you to keep the phone away but you are too much addicted that you can not resist staying without your phone. You are losing those fun which you used to get during your school days. You will gradually start feeling alone. (Also read: What Are The Negative Thoughts We All Should Remove Right Now)

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