What are the signs that you are addicted to television

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What are the signs that you are addicted to television

People choose all sorts of ways and methods to relax after a hard day. Some like to go for a walk, some like to listen to the music, while others prefer watching television. The world of TV shows or movies is really different from the real life. There is excitement, suspense and thrill in the world of television. Therefore, many people get lost in the temptation and become addicted to television. You might not notice it right away, but soon your world starts revolving around the television. It starts hampering your social life, real world etc. So, recognize the signs of television addiction! (Also read: What are the secrets that calm people know)

You keep thinking about the shows
If you are addicted to television, then you are addicted to the fantasy they provide. You constantly think about the shows and what will happen next. These thoughts start consuming you in an extreme manner.

Lack of social interaction
Slowly, you will find that you are withdrawn from the social connection. Instead of creating bonds and memories with your friends and family, you spend all your time following a show or a series. (Also read: What are the self-sabotaging habits that are holding you back)

You can’t tolerate disturbance when you are watching
When you are watching a television show, you want to be left undisturbed. Any kind of disturbance spoils your mood. It is a sign that you are taking the television too seriously.

Always cancelling the plans
Instead of going out and having fun, you cancel the plans to watch television. You are so addicted to the shows that you don’t wish to miss any of it. Hence instead of spending actual time outside you stay at home.

You fall asleep in front of Television
In simple words, your day begins and ends with television itself.
You keep watching the shows all the time and then you fall asleep right in front of the television.  (Also read: How to get over the feeling of jealousy)

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