Reading Books Can Boost Your Mental Health

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Reading Books Can Boost Your Mental Health

You must have heard from many people that reading is a great habit. Reading increases your knowledge, vocabulary, writing style and much more. Apart from these benefits, reading is also beneficial for keeping your mental health stronger. Reading book is an exercise for your mind. It works like a lubrication on a machine.

Read more books and understand how your mental health gets boosted by reading.

Reading de-stresses you:
According to studies, reading books can reduce the stress by 68 percent. Reading makes you relax and decreases the level of stress. Similarly listening to music, playing games, etc would also help you to de-stress yourself. So, next time when you come back home after a long tiring and stressful day, do read some books, you will feel relaxed.

Reading can work like a therapy:
While reading books, you would be able to relate the content to your real life. For example, financial condition, heartbreak or a sorrow which happened in your life. And while reading the book you may find a solution for the problems you face in life. It can be a good therapy for you. Books help to boost your positivity and let you feel that you are not the only one who is struggling, the character and the situations of that fictions are also with you.

Reading Books Can Boost Your Mental Health

Boosts your intelligence and creativity:
Reading books can definitely boost your intelligence. It helps your brain to grow in many ways. A novel you read introduces you to new words, advances your vocabulary and makes you able to face any situation. Your creativity, the thought process and personality also get a boost.

Keeps your brain young:
Reading a good book can take years off from your mind. Studies have shown that people who spend their leisure times taking part in creative or intellectual activities such as reading have about 32 percent lower cognitive decline rate later in their life than those who do not read.

Your growth of the mindset:
Experts say that there are two types of mindsets. One is fixed or default mindset and the other one is growth. Those with fixed mindset think that whatever mindset they have is predetermined and they do not try to adapt or learn the positive sides of their behaviour and attitude. They are not open for any new mindset which might be progressive. On the other hand, people with the growth mindset accepts failure as well as challenges in their lives without losing hope. Thus, books help to increase the growth of the mindset as well.

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