How to protect the health of brain from the harmful rays of the mobile phone

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How to protect the health of brain from the harmful rays of the mobile phone

One cannot imagine a life without the smartphones and other hi-tech devices. However, we are harming ourselves by staying close to these devices. They radiate out such harmful rays which affect our brain in the worst way possible. They emit electromagnetic rays which harm the health of the brain. We notice people suffering from the problem of anxiety, fatigue, insomnia and other psychological disorders. Especially we notice that young adults and teenagers are to use mobile phones after they are off to bed. This directly impacts their brain. Therefore, the number of cases of depression and stress are also raising these days. However, if you want to protect your brain, you need to some necessary steps for the same. (Also read: How to turn your haters into your lovers)

How to protect the health of brain from the harmful rays of the mobile phone?

Use speakerphone: If you are in a profession where you have to talk about a call for long hours then you must use speakerphone instead of holding your phone next to your ears and head. While you hold your phone near your head, it emits the electromagnetic rays. They directly impact the health of your brain.

Use handsfree: One must use a handsfree in order to reduce the impact of the rays of the smartphone. When you use a handsfree in place of the phone directly, it reduces the impact of the radio frequency radiations to the head or the brain. When we use a handsfree if only picks up the certain amount of radiations which are less harmful in comparison to the talking normally on the phone. (Also read: Ways by which your self-intuition is trying to tell you something)

Avoid using phones in remote areas: When you use a smartphone in a rural or remote area, there are no signals. In such a case, your phone emits ultra-high radioactive radiations in order to catch the signals to make a phone call. Thus, your phone is quite harmful and dangerous for usage at that time.

Don’t use a phone in vehicles, lift and elevator: Again, these are the places when the radiations of the phone multiply. It eventually emits harmful radiations in a large amount. Therefore, there is a high risk of damage to the brain, as the radiations try to connect to the cellular network towers for signals. Thus, avoid using your phones when travelling or in the lift.

Keep the phone away from your body: many of us have this habit of always keeping our phones stuck to us. Even while we are sleeping, we want to be near to our phone. This is one of the most harmful habits of all of us. It not only impacts our brain but also affects the reproductive organs. We all are in the habit of keeping the phone in our laps, near our head or body. The radiations emitted from the phone, cause a damage to the brain and the body in the long run. (Also read: How to stop wasting your time during the day)

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