Physical activity in children: How does physical activeness affect the performance of a child

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physical fitness benefits in children

Physical fitness help the child to become mentally strong and healthy

Physical activity in children: Many parents fail to understand that the academic performance of the child does not only depend on the number of times he studies but how active he is. The performance of the child depends on many factors like their learning ability, their concentration, devotion, efforts etc. The intellectual level of the child not only depend on the marks he scores but how witty and present-minded the child is otherwise too. Physical activities play a major role in making the child excellent in many spheres. It boosts the physical health, mental ability as well as the health of the child. Lets’ discuss in detail about the importance of physical activity for children. (Also read: Poor Physical Health: The consequences of bad physical health)

Benefits of physical activities- Why are physical activities important for children?

  • Factors that affect child’s performance
  • Importance of physical exercises for children
  • Effects of physical exercise on child’s brain

Factors that affect child’s performance
There are many factors which affect the performance of the child in every sphere of life. When we talk about the academic performance, the list is quite long. A constant support form the parents and the teacher helps the child to have better understanding academically. Not just this, environmental factors and conditions, also influence the learning power of the child. The group of friends and the class batch also influences their academic performance. Besides this, what matters the most is the concentration and dedication of the child. (Also read: Know how mental health is equally important as physical health)

Importance of physical exercises for children

Importance of physical activity in children
Physical activity helps the children to stay mentally strong and improves their academic performance.

Physical exercises are extremely important for the children. It not only keeps them physically active but also mentally strong. Listed below are some of the benefits of physical exercises on children.

  • Improved focus
  • Better memory power
  • Positive attitude
  • Good metabolism
  • Refreshed feeling
  • Peaceful mind

Thus, it is essential for the children to involve in some kind of activity or physical fitness routine to boost their mental health. It helps them to develop completely and give them better academic results. It is an easy way to improve the performance and also relaxing enough to boost brain health. No child can study for 24 hours. He needs a proper break to refresh the mind and improve their concentration level. Thus, all the parents must involve their children in some kind of sports like football, basketball, swimming, volleyball etc. to calm their mind. (Also read: Mental Health: Foods to improve mental health)

Effects of physical exercise on child’s brain

Wyy physical activity is important for the mental growth of the child
Involving in some physical activity helps the child to have better memory and concentration.

Physical exercise helps the child to improve their understanding and to broaden their thinking prospect, It refreshes their mood and help them to have better concentration. Physical activity helps them to have a good mood. It eventually helps them to sleep timely at night, hence improve their sleeping habits and performance. Not just this, involving in physical activity helps to circulate blood to the brain and hence give them sharper memory and better concentration.

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These are some of the ways in which physical activity help the children to perform better academically and to have a better mental ability. Thus, every parent must indulge their child in some kind of physical activity. You can read this article in Hindi as well.

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