Mental Health

How to get over your insecurities

How to overcome your insecurities

People often have a hard time getting over their insecurities. These insecurities can harm your self-growth and your potential. So, it important that you find out a way to get over them.

How to be more social

How to be more social

Communication is an art and not everyone is at ease with it instantly. Some people have a hard time in the social settings, therefore it is important to know how to get over.

what are the harmful effects of gaming addiction in children

What are the harmful effects of gaming addiction in children

The children who are addicted to gaming engage themselves on a deeper level while playing both emotionally and physically. The gaming addiction not only affects their health but also disturbs their studies. Moreover, the children express unwillingness to participate in any extracurricular activities due to game addiction.

How To Overcome Social Anxiety

How To Overcome Social Anxiety

Social anxiety can be frustrating. People who suffer from this problem generally face fear and sheer nervousness while socialising. That is why they tend to remain alone and depressed.