How To Overcome Social Anxiety

How To Overcome Social Anxiety

Social anxiety is very common in people. It is nothing but a fear and sheer nervousness while socialising. It makes people stay away from social gatherings, public speaking etc. A person who is suffering from social anxiety can feel like staying alone or with limited people. But when there are too many people they feel conscious about what other people’s reactions, opinion etc. They feel extremely insecure about everything while socialising. If you also have such problem, we have come up with some amazing solutions. Hence, have a look at the following and know how to overcome social anxiety. (Also Read: What are the signs of social anxiety)

Facing fear is the biggest achievement:
If you keep avoiding social situations, this will not help you. You have to face your fear. Doing this can make you get over the situation and gradually you will get inspiration to do so.

Your feelings are not real:
You have to be clear that, your feelings are not real. As you never face your fear, the anxiety has started controlling you. It makes you feel such things which have no existence. The fact is, your confidence can overcome everything. Even if you say anything wrong, you can check yourself by admitting your mistake. (Also Read: Know how mental health is equally important as physical health)

Move your attention:
Anxiety actually takes your attention. It will deliberately let you criticise yourself and you realise a sudden pace in your heartbeat. That is why you become anxious.

Do not try to be perfect:
You know that you are not perfect, that is why your anxiety is overcoming you. But you have to understand one thing that, nobody in this world is perfect. Hence, you do not need to try harder to be so and make yourself feel ill from inside.

Making mistakes is absolutely alright:
You are a human being and making mistakes is a part of it. Each and everyone in this world makes mistakes. So, if you go to social gatherings and make mistakes while talking or behaving, it is fine. Do not blame yourself for this. (Also Read: Causes of mental illness in aged people)

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