How To Overcome Your Most Common Fears

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How To Overcome Your Most Common Fears

Fear is a feeling induced when sensed a danger or threat. You can feel a fear of the animals, situations, life truths or even from any person. A fear may change your behaviour and attitude also, you may get panic and willing to run from the situation. However, it hampers your mental health tremendously. The negative approach to the situation is the prime cause of your fear. Hence, your way of thinking can definitely make you overcome your fears. Therefore, read this article thoroughly to know the most common fears and ways to overcome them. [Also Read: What Are The Major Things Your Dreams Can Tell About You]

Fear of Animals, Insects Or Reptiles:

The anxiety caused when you see an animal, insect or a reptile is more than the scenario itself. The panic which you create at that time triggers your brain and the overall body. Therefore, this fear can be troublesome for you. You may be scared that they will hit or bite you but understand that animals don’t do anything when they won’t receive command. Your slight response may make them active too.

Therefore, be exposed to animals. You must face these creatures to make yourself understand that these are organisms not fearsome but the ones with whom we have to be alert.

The Fear of Public Speaking:

You may be extremely hesitant while speaking in front of the public. But why do you fear? Is it because you aren’t confident enough or do you think that people will bully you. In any case, you are hindering your growth. You must know that if you won’t eliminate fear then it will run after you every time. Thus, start initiating conversation, this is the primary method to remove the fear of public speaking. [Also Read: How childhood trauma can effect the mental health of an adult]

Fear Of Heights:

Heights are dangerous but its fear is even scarier. You have to overcome this else you won’t be able to live your life to the fullest. Therefore, find out what scares you the most and eliminate that. You can go to your terrace for a walk and standby side of the balcony to eliminate this fear.

Fear of Darkness:

Many people are scared of the dark. It is some kind of fear which is always present in their heart and they find it difficult to eliminate. Thus, if you also fear darkness then you can switch on dim lights before you are off to bed. Also, you can get some music therapy like listening to soft music. Try to be present with your friends in a room full of dark and spend some time there to remove your fear.

Fear of Death:

Death is inevitable hence, you anyhow have to overcome this fear. Nothing is under your control so, keeping a fear of it is not at all good. Think positive and thankful for everything to remove your this fear. [Also Read: How To Start A Conversation When You Have Nothing To Say]

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