Nightmare: What are the creepy things you don’t know about nightmares

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You may not aware of these nightmare things

Nightmares: Know creepy things about nightmare

Everyone has nightmares once in a while but adults experience lesser than children. However, if you experience frequent nightmare then it may be a sleeping disorder. The main causes of nightmares are eating spicy food or watching the horror movie before sleep. However, the researchers don’t know much about the nightmares. But there are certain things which may surprise you. People are not much aware of their nightmares due to which their sleep is hampered. And the improper sleep is bad for health. In this regard, you must be aware of certain things about a nightmare, so you can get good sound sleep. (Also read: What Are The Major Things Your Dreams Can Tell About You)

Nightmare: Creepy things about a nightmare

  • They aren’t literal
  • No one will hear you scream
  • Nightmares are practice for the real thing
  • You can control your nightmares
  • There’s something scarier than a nightmare
  1. They aren’t literal
    It is believed that nightmares are caused by anxiety but they are rarely a literal interpretation of what’s bothering you.
  2. No one will hear you scream
    People often watch in movies, that scream while bad dream. But in reality, you can not scream or move when you have the nightmare. During a nightmare, all muscles are paralyzed expect eye muscles and nose. (Also read: How To Help Your Child To Deal With Scary Dreams)
  3. Nightmares are practice for the real thing
    There are many thoughts about the nightmare, some believe that dreams are a reflection of the unconscious mind while others say the brain keeps you busy while your body at rest. Moreover, now the researchers are coming around to the idea that dreams are your brain’s way of trying to solve problems or deal with intense emotions.
  4. You can control your nightmares

    An individual can control dreams
    Nightmares: You can control your dreams.

    You can control your nightmares but it takes a lot of practice. This is called as lucid dreaming where your aware of dream and control the direction of the dream.

  5. There’s something scarier than a nightmare
    Night terrors are scarier than the nightmare. However, although night terrors are uncommon in adults. During night terrors child will be screaming usually with their eyes wide open. Moreover, the child has no memory of night terrors.

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There are certain creepy facts about nightmares. You must be aware of these facts so you get sound sleep. You can also read this article in Hindi.

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