Mental Health: Foods to improve mental health

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Foods to improve mental health

Mental Health: Healthy eating is better for mental health

It is necessary for human beings to stay physically and mentally healthy. Unfortunately, nowadays the majority of people focus their physical fitness but avoid their mental health. If you are mentally unwell then you may have to face problems like anxiety, stress and depression. Due to bad mental health, your life can be negatively affected. The mental health is affected due to lack physical activity. But lifestyles, healthy eating and regular exercise can help you improve your mental health. Apart from this, consumption of fruits and vegetables is also very beneficial for your mental health. Some foods have sufficient nutrients that help in boosting mental health. (Also read: Signs that you are a controlling person)

Mental Health: Foods which boost your mental health

  • Banana
  • Apple
  • Spinach
  • Cucumber
  • Citrus fruit
  1. Banana

    Foods for mental health
    Mental Health: Banana consumption improves mental health

    Banana is very beneficial for improving mental health because it produces chemicals that boost mental health. It contains potassium which sends messages to the brain and helps the brain to function properly. (Also read: How to overcome the self-doubts)

  2. Apple
    Apple helps to boost mental health. It contains antioxidants which reduce the loss of oxygen species in the brain tissues and improves mental health.
  3. Spinach

    Foods to improve mental health
    Mental Health: Spinach consumption boosts mental health

    Folate is high in the spinach, which reduces the problem of depression, fatigue and insomnia. Apart from this, consuming spinach strengthens your memory and also improves your mental health.

  4. Cucumber
    Cucumber has anti-inflammatory properties which are beneficial for your mental health. Apart from this, cucumber consumption protects your nerve cells from any harm and boosts the memory.
  5. Citrus Fruit
    Citrus fruit contains anti-inflammatory properties and flavonoid which boosts your cognitive function and protects your nervous system from any harm. Apart from this, consuming citrus fruits also enhances your memory. (Also read: Signs You Are Wasting Your Life But You Can Not Admit It)

There are some special foods that are consumed by your mental health boost. You can also read this article in Hindi.

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