What are the major differences between fake people and genuine people

What are the major differences between fake people and genuine people

The world is full of all kinds of people. Some are kind and caring, while others only look out for their own motive. In such cases, it is important to identify who is a genuine person and who is simply pretending to be one. Fake people sugarcoat their words to appear harmless but deep down all they are doing is following their selfish motives. However, the genuine people might not always have the sweetest words to say, but all they care for is your own well being. There are few ways that you can use to recognize fake people and genuine people. Let’s find out what they are. (Also read: How to bounce back from failures and setbacks)

How they perceive the world?
The major difference between fake and genuine people is how they perceive the world. The genuine people respect everyone despite their social standing. However, fake people only respect powerful people as it serves their purpose.

Developing bond
It is extremely easy to develop a bond with fake people. This is because they don’t really care about your well being. Whereas genuine people take time to develop a connection and bond with someone as in their case the bond is meaningful and selfless. (Also read: What are the signs that you are actually a masochist)

Attention seeking
Fake people can’t stay in the background and watch someone succeed. They simply need to hog the limelight all the time. However, genuine people enjoy spending time in the background as well and pave a path for others as well.

Talking about themselves
Genuine people might be the most gifted individuals but they are not boastful about it. They simply stay humble and improve themselves. However, fake people use every single chance to show off and gloat.

Genuine people take time to discuss ideas and inspirations, whereas fake people just gossip and spread negativity about things.

Fake people have no compassion for others, all they care for is their own benefits. However, genuine people have no ulterior motive to help, as they follow kindness of their heart. (Also read: What is Narcissistic personality disorder)

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