Luck v/s Hard Work: What you need more to succeed in life luck or hard work

What you need more to succeed in life luck or hard work

You need more to succeed in life luck or hard work question answered

Achieving success in life seems to be the aim of everyone. However, when people go on the path to achieve greatness there are confronted by one crucial question what they need more “Hard work” or “Luck”? Sometimes it seems like many people who have not worked hard manage to achieve success in life by just being in luck. Thus it is natural that people have a hard time understand the value of hard work in life. Good luck might work once and help you but ultimately it comes down to what you make of it. So, let’s settle the question of luck against hard work. (Also read: Reasons for failure: Why some people fail to achieve their goals)

What is important in life: luck or hard work?

  • Luck is unpredictable
  • Hard work makes you feel proud
  • Luck might not last forever
  • Hard work inspires people
  • Luck is a risk

Luck is unpredictable
In life, you can never predict what’s going happen next. So, if you spend all of your time waiting for the magic of luck then you are not going to get anything for sure. Even though hard work might sound like a slow way but it is constant in nature.  (Also read: Achieving Success: Why setting personal goals is important for success in life)

Hard work makes you feel proud

What is better hard work or luck
Hard work v/s luck debate: Hard work makes you feel better

When you work hard to achieve success in life, you are very proud of your efforts. However, if your success is based on just good fortune you don’t really get a chance to appreciate your efforts. Hard work makes you feel worthy of the success you have in life.

Luck might not last forever
Just because luck has favoured you once doesn’t mean it will happen again and again. So, you can’t depend on luck to help you every time. Only hard work is going to be on your side for long. (Also read: How to achieve the goals that you set in life)

Hard work inspires people
When a hard working man achieves success in life, you set an example for others to follow. Luck is never something that promotes a positive idea in someone’s mind. Hard work is inspiring whereas luck leads to jealousy. (Also read: How to motivate yourself when you feel stuck in life)

Luck is a risk
Waiting for luck to rescue you is a huge risk. Hard work is a step by step journey, it might take some time but it is the best path.

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